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Gerd Albers (r.) and Peter Koll (l.)

All important information around the CD-project of the german musician Gerd Albers. Here you can read, view and hear something about

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[huge setting of] planned or already started attempt; [huge setting of] intention …

An intention of an individual musician over many years to realise his childhood dream, to release a CD with own compositions.


Technique for production of wall hangings, blankets and bags or similar, bringing together diverse fabrics and leather of diverse colours, forms and patterns in a harmonic way …

Technique for production of a musical concept, bringing together diverse stylistic lineup´s, vocals and instruments in a harmonic way. Often with the aid of many artists from many countries, using more than one language and diverse recording locations and environments.

Tales From A Hidden Dream

in this case with a couple of meanings

  • childhood dream (see pro|ject)
  • compositions (in most cases at night, half asleeped composed in mind)
  • contents (themes, that concern the author)

Tales From A Hidden Dream - Cover

Release date: 2015-03-20

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Tales From A Hidden Dream - Cover

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