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2018/02/28 ga: Release date for Re|Flection 2018/03/16 via Progressive Promotion Records.

2017/12/05 ga: Finalmixing in progress and almost ready! Master will be done within this month. Release date will be in March 2018, I guess. This site will be going off for a while soon for recreation.

2017/07/27 ga: Vocal sessions have been done, one song ist still left. Diverse solo parts are recorded. Furtheron the album artwork ist ready now. The next steps are designing und recording the backing vocals and some more solistic work.

2017/06/14 ga: It’s goin on very well!Instrumental recordings finished - excerpt of soloing and cosmetic parts. Actually we’re recording the vocals, who should been finished at the end of July. And there are some new musicians: Magdalena Soyka (vocals), Olaf Kobbe (vocals), John Mitchell (guitars), Stephan Pankow (guitars).

2017/02/27 ga: Drum- and percussion recordings finished, actually recording the bass parts. About half of the lyrics are written, first vocals recorded. New musicians have joined the team: Niklas Kahl (percussions), Stefan Drees (bass), Matthias Bangert (bass), Markus Steffen (guitars)!

2016/11/26 ga: Composition phase closed, there’ll be 11 tracks with a total playing time about 76 minutes. First musicians aquired: Marek Arnold (keys/sax), Martin Schnella (guitars/vocals), Melanie Mau (vocals), Jürgen Borchert (keys), Lars Begerow (vocals), Larry Brödel (vocals), David M. Scholtz (guitars), Jessica Schmalle (vocals) … more to come. Drumrecordings starting in February.

2016/09/26 ga: Things are going well, it’s on plan, composition phase nearly finished, ac. guitars have been recorded. Currently the first keyboard takes are coming in. Unfortunately Matthias Becker quits the team, but they’re first new musicians joining the patchwork family!

2016/06/16 ga: Update: About 60% of the forthcoming album has been composed, there are three long tracks of 9 minutes or more. Composition sessions will be finished at the end of the year, recordings will be starting in spring ’17.

2016/03/15 ga: Songwriting is going on, two tracks are ready and and in parts recorded, two new more song frameworks currently in work.

2015/12/18 ga: Yihaa, team Project: Patchwork II completed! Peter Koll joined the team again and will be responsible for all technical aspects. One first track is composed and there are some more ideas for the next ones.

2015/11/24 ga: Project: Patchwork was originally planned as a one-time adventure, there wasn’t any idea for a sequel. But the worldwide positive resonance has been caused in a rethinking.

So I can declare, that the first songwriting sessions for PP II have been started. And I want to welcome the new member Matthias Becker, who joined the composition team.

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